Monday, January 17, 2011

Holidaaaay.... Celebraaaate.... cleaning.

Oh yes. It needs to be done. I think I have a pretty good idea of how I'll be spending my day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day - cleaning the house which SOOOOO needs to be done, and finally, FINALLY taking down the Christmas lights. I could say that they're 'civil rights' trees, but I would be lying. We all know they're Christmas trees, made of Christmas lights. Which also reminds me - we still have our Christmas tree sitting naked and probably quite thirsty on our back patio. I can't look at it once all the lights and ornaments are off, and both me and the tree know that its time is up. The Christmas season has come and gone, and there's really just no reason anymore to have a tree indoors. So, out it goes, and I look away and fight back tears, feeling sad and guilty, as if I'm abandoning a greyhound after its glory days of racing have come and gone. The only thing worse than banishing it out to the back patio is cutting it up into pieces small enough that will fit in the green can... I just can't do it. I'm insane, I realize this - it's just a dead tree - but I'm still making Nick do it (plus we don't actually have a real saw to cut it up, so I have no idea how this will even be done). 

I love Christmas way more than any human being probably should, so there's always a bit of a mourning period for me when all of the Christmas stuff comes down - luckily I took down all of the indoor decorations a couple of weeks ago, so the only things left are the outside lights and our sad tree. I'll still need consolation once all of this is done though, so I think I'll have to round out the day by making a small trip to Crossroads for a little retail therapy and maybe some sushi tomorrow night.


Tulle and Torts said...

Hi Kim, it's Morgan. Fun blog - I didn't know you had one! Let's be blog buddies :) . Talk to you soon!

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