Friday, March 4, 2011

Business Time: Success!

Wow, I just realized how long it has actually been since my last post... much too long. Aside from my brief praising of Jon Hamm (Happy Almost-Birthday, by the way, Mr. Hamm... we have the same birthday, you know... I'm pretty sure that means we're soul-mates. I know you read my blog.)... my last real post was about re-designing our office/guest room to convert it into a more usable office. Well, we've done it, and it's been feeling quite successful lately. 

We've spent time every single day in our new office space, whether Nick is working, I'm crafting, checking email, paying bills, or feeding my new obsession of entering online logo design contests into the wee hours of the morning (...I've been having some vivid flashbacks of studio lately...), and we've been enjoying nearly every square inch of it. We can fit everything we need - I, all of my indoor craft supplies (the saws, tools, and messy stuff will stay in the garage...), and Nick, all of his files and paperwork, plus all of our miscellaneous computer/electronic/digital what-have-you and a good portion of our books. 

The only piece we can't fit now is the 'guest room' portion of the room... my hope was to have enough room to include a small futon in place of one or two of the smaller pieces of furniture we were first considering to remove and put somewhere else in the house. I wanted to have a futon so 90% of the time it would serve as a couch/seating, and then fold out into a bed when we occasionally needed it. Now..... everything just seems to fit so well the way that it is, that we don't know if we want to take anything out to make room for a futon. Which means when my sister comes to visit next weekend, she may be sleeping on a desk. Or sharing Nora's crib.

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