Friday, December 10, 2010


To my baby, caffeine (yes, I realize the two shouldn’t go together…), and as of recently: coupons.

I admit that since I started really actively using coupons a few months ago in an effort to cut down on grocery spending, I may have created a monster. I now seek out new and better coupons on an almost daily basis… I use as many as I possibly can in a single shopping trip…  I have been known to cause delays in grocery lines while the checker scans through my pile of coupons (I swore I’d never be that annoying woman, but hey… if it takes a few extra minutes and a few annoyed glances as other shoppers switch to the other checkstands for me to save $50 off my total, I can live with that). I even get a little thrill when I click through the online coupons to see what new offers I might find. One of my proudest moments came a couple of months ago when I discovered that Target offered online coupons – that you can couple with manufacturer’s coupons – and use on top of Target sale prices… oh happy day!

Basically I’m a huge nerd for coupons.

I also love that Nick gets excited about it now too. When I come home from my big shopping excursions I make every couple of weeks, Nick is there at home waiting to see the receipts and hear how many coupons I used and how much I saved. Then he brags to everyone about how cheap – ahem: bargain-savvy – his wife is.

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Sanditerese said...

Isn't it so fun! I love coupons too.