Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Thoughts

Nick is working, Nora is taking a nap (...or at least in her crib, supposedly trying to fall asleep judging by the ongoing moans and quiet humming I've been hearing over the monitor for the last ten minutes...). How should I spend my precious time?

...try to finish my newest DIY wall organizer project I started last week with the goal of finishing it in a couple of days so I could actually use it to sort the bills we have before (1) they're due or (2) they get lost in the shuffle of the rest of the mail and miscellaneous papers on the counter and don't get paid on time?

(...this is my idea for a wall organizer I created to hang in the kitchen in an effort to keep track of bills, incoming and outgoing mail, coupons, etc. This is the drawing I had made to be able to make a pattern; I'll post the finished project whenever I get around to finishing it.)

...throw on some jeans and a sweatshirt and take advantage of the nice weather this morning to do some light yardwork and prune those ugly rose bushes like I've been meaning to do for the last few weeks?

...start packing up all of Nora's stuff for her first overnighter with her two Omas tonight, since it will take forever to round up everything she could possibly need for 18+ hours away from home? some cleaning - ok, in reality just sweep the floors - and gather up all of the dog fur that could potentially be enough to create two additional Dundies that might just end up being perfectly well-behaved replacement dogs for our misbehaving real dog?

...or just stay in my pajamas, drink my coffee, ignore the dog fur, and watch HGTV dreaming that I will one day be as motivated as these people to really get something done on a Saturday morning. 

Done and done.

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