Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Am I The Biggest Loser?

Every season we I seem to get addicted to a new reality show. A couple of years ago it wasJersey Shore (…which we’re still addicted to, I’m sad to say… we love celebrating T-shirt time on Thursday nights), at one point it was More to Love (the fat girls’ version of The Bachelor, for those millions of you who did not watch it – I don’t really feel bad calling it that either, since that was literally the entire premise of the show and the point they constantly drilled into you), last year it was Ocho Cinco’s Ultimate Catch (I still can’t get over how big of a b**** Tara was – how did she manage to make it so far?!?).

This season, it’s The Biggest Loser. And it’s pretty pathetic how excited I get every Tuesday knowing that a new episode will be on that night – and tonight’s the night, and oh my god, they might bring Arthur back! How exciting… he sooo needs this, everyone knows it… how did they kick him off in the first place?

Yes, I’m really that excited. Not so much about Arthur, which they keep hyping up on the previews without actually saying that’s who’s coming back but still making it really obvious to the point that it’s not even a question, but about a new episode. Nick was actually the one that suggested we start watching it, and I thought, ‘hmm, this might be good – maybe watching this will encourage us to eat healthier and exercise more, and maybe consider getting a gym membership again or at least go on walks in the park which is literally in our backyard.’ Alas, no. Instead, we usually end up opening up a package of oreos about ten minutes into the show and drinking an entire bottle of wine… which is totally reasonable when you think about the fact that we’re eating oreos during the show which is TWO HOURS every week (is that really necessary? I’m really not complaining though…) and that’s quite a long time to be eating cookies without having something to wash them down with. And if we’ve learned anything fromThe Biggest Loser, it’s that milk is fattening and packs a lot of calories, ergo, wine is clearly the healthier choice.


Sanditerese said...

This is your first season watching the Biggest Loser?! I'm totally addicted. Love it. I also had wine last night while I watched it!

kimbers-krizl said...

Yes, this is our first season... we're Biggest Loser virgins, I guess - not really sure why we never watched it before, but like I said, we always seem to hop around to different reality shows each season. The only ones we've been really faithful to are American Idol and more recently, Hell's Kitchen.
...Glad we're not the only ones drinking while those contestants are working their butts off!!